Twisted Whiskers 3D CGI, TV series is a "twisted" bunch of cats and dogs based on the fastest-selling summer social expressions line ever developed by American Greetings. DQ Entertainment in co-production with AG transforms theses cats and dogs of Twisted Whiskers into a full-fledged entertainment-based character property.

The zany cat and dogs interact in typical pet situations that become "twisted" as the animals get into funny and unexpected (mis)adventures. Each animal has a very distinct and recognizable personality that encourages creative freedom to place them in an unlimited variety of themes, places and situations.

Twisted Whiskers is strong cross-generational and cross-cultural appealling show for kids, tweens, teens and adults." These stretched, squashed, pop-eyed pets are a group of hilarious characters that can warp even the most craziest circumstances into something fun!
Format Details
26 x 26’
Territories Available:
Asia: India, Srilanka, Bangladesh Afghanistan, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Mongolia, Mauritius, North Korea, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, Seychelles Islands, South Korea, Taiwan,, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore ,Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Brunei, Laos and Vietnam
Available Rights:
Audio Visual Rights & Merchandising - (India Only) (subject to approval).