Combining all the best elements of Magic, Comedy and Action, Tara Duncan is the story of the Alpha Team, composed of a teenage girl and her friends, all bestowed with magical powers. They find themselves in a high stakes battle against evil forces from another world. Each episodes starts with a quirky situation and the promise for a challenging adventure. The Alpha Team (Tara and her friends Cal and Sparrow) must make sure nobody on Earth becomes aware of the existence of Magic and resist the attacks of monsters from other world, using their magical powers. The story takes place in present- day Earth and mixes everyday teenage life with the fantastic magical quest pursued by Tara and her friends.
Format Details
26X22' 2D HD
Territories Available:
Asia Pacific including Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand
Available Rights:
Available for Television, Merchandising & Gaming across Asia Pacific including Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand.