What would happen if we combined two such traditional – and successful – genres as classic fairytales and detective stories? The answer is SANDRA, THE FAIRYTALE DETECTIVE , a series full of magic, mystery, adventure and a great deal of humor.

What happens when someone steals Cinderall’s glass slipper? Or if the Prince kisses Sleeping Beauty but she doesn’t wake up? When something like that happens, Sandra, the Fairy Tale Detective , swings into action. She is 10 year old who frequently travels to the LAND OF ONCE UPON A TIME, a parellel world in which all the characters of the classic fairytales live.
Format Details
52 x 11’ 2D Digital TV Series.
Territories Available:
India , Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, No pay Cable and satellite rights for Singapore, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritius.
Available Rights:
Primary operating rights : Broadcast, theatrical & Non theatrical Secondary: Videogram Rights, VOD, Ancillary rights: Merchandising, Music publishing & Publishing rights.