In a country, where cricket is religion and cricketers shine brighter than the sun, lives a young boy named Suraj...deep in Suraj's heart burns his desire to achieve the ultimate dream- to play for the Indian Cricket team!

But alas! Herculean challenges cloud Suraj's ambition- the poverty of his family, constant strife with his father, and of course...constant competition from Vikram and the other rich spoilt brats, who have sworn to ensure that Suraj fails at every step...on the flipside, Suraj also has a doting older sister...

and a group of friends and neighbours, who keep his spirits high, and shower him with adoration.

However, Shyam, Suraj's strict coach and father has made it his own life's mission to ensure that Suraj, achieves the destiny that he himself could not achieve...that Suraj, with his Magical Curve ball and consistent perseverance, becomes.....The Rising Star!
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26X22' TV Series
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