A series of Six, lovable pets and their extraorinadry adventures around the world. Diva, the vain duckling, Holly the clever kitten, Top Hat the athletic rabbit, Moby the unflappable pup, Pio- the frog actor and Nameless the chick who can’t talk yet and who gets out of sticky situations. They are all different but yet friends through thick and thin.

The first series of 26 episodes , shows the six Pet Pals who set off for a long sea-journey from Australia to Venice. The second series of 26 episodes Pet Pals decide to set off on another exciting long voyoge , this time on the trail of Marco Polo! The adventures of the third series called Pet Pals – The Band, new episode based on age-old folk-tales, fairy-tales and legends set in magical mystery introducing magical characters with super powers. The fourth Season of Pet Pals is now under production.
Format Details
26 x 13’ Season I,II,III & IV 2D Animated TV Series.
Territories Available:
Asia including Japan, Korea, Australia, NZ, and Middle East including all the Arabic nations.
Available Rights: