Mix “ Jungle Book” animation with real-life footage of animals and you’ve got a format that ideally blends entertainment and information for children 6 to10.

In each episode, animated Mowgli and his “Jungle Book” friends discuss one of their favorite topics: animals! They serve as the show’s anchors and provide the wrap-around elements for the documentary footage of the animals featured in the short, non-fiction parts. Each episode of the show has one main topic. All the short documentary clips refer to this topic, such as a land, region or species; it can also be an overlapping themes like “jumpers” : Who jumps higher, a frog or a kangaroo? The short “Fun Facts” clips featuring surprising information on the animal world bring additional educational and entertaining value to the show. In addition, the format also offers many possibilities of interaction with young audiences.
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26X12' TV Series | 6-10 Years
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