Dan, a fourteen year old boy, is abducted along with his pet dog TheForce, his older brother Max, and Mary, the girl of his dreams. The four are transported to Plutonium, a prison planet that houses the most dangerous delinquents in the galaxy. They are met by Dr. Zwagx, the alien scientist who abducted them, and clone 9009, who is assigned to the earthlings as their guide to Plutonium. Their lives will never be the same again.

Mary becomes the unwilling host of a brood of troublesome alien larvae. TheForce takes a million-year evolutionary leap forward and he becomes the referee for the Escape Hockey tournament. Max is separated from his whole body - except for the part he uses least, his brain. And Dan is locked up in prison for accidentally obliterating the most hated alien in the galaxy.

The only way they can survive, and get back to Earth is. by winning the ESCAPE HOCKEY tournament.
Format Details
26X26 3D Animated Series
Territories Available:
Asia including Japan, Korea, Australia, NZ, and Middle East including all the Arabic nations.