Cuddle Cubbies is an interactive CGI animated series for preschoolers between the ages of three to five.

The Cuddle Cubbies are normal preschoolers with a special ability. When they come together and hug, their bodies begin to glow, they become bathed in a swirling light, and they take on…Cuddle Power! With Cuddle Power, the sweet and sassy Cuddle Cubbies can do extraordinary things because strength and success come from working as a team! What it’s really about is the Joy of Learning, Child Empowerment, and Friendship. Often times, in order to overcome a problem, the Cubbies must join together to create ‘Cuddle Power’. Cuddle Cubbies is a show that engages the imagination, challenges the mind, and informs preschoolers through the use of fun songs, delightful stories and adorably colourful and spunky characters . This series encourages curiosity, promotes investigation, and inspires exploration, discovery, and knowledge of the natural world. Whenever there’s a problem, gather together, throw your arms around each other, give a big hug, and shout, “Cuddle Cubbies, cuddle!”
Format Details
CGI 78X7'
Territories Available: