Daily life seen through the eyes of Charlie Chaplin could never be dull ! Every little mundane event is transformed into side-splitting hilarity. A cute clumsiness and naivety are certainly not helpful when it comes to contending with an irritable boss, persuading the neighbor that Chaplin’s house is not the local garbage dump, when trying to shake off a bunch of over-zealous cops and even going on a shopping expedition to the supermarket with the Kid.

However, our hero with the toothbrush mustache is always armed with his trademark cane and bowler hat and ready to face whatever life has to throw at him. Against all odds, Chaplin overcomes the trials and tribulations of daily life with humor, dignity and the spirit of adventure. Join Chaplin and his friends for 104 hysterical adventures.
Format Details
104X6' CGI Animated TV Series | 5-9 Years
Territories Available:
Worldwide (except Germany & German speaking Europe, France & French speaking Europe, USA, Latin America,UK & Canada) Including Asia pacific (including Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Hong Kong, China, South East Asia ), Middle East (including all Arabic Nations)
Available Rights:
Available for Television & Video across Asia (Excuding Japan & Korea) and Arabic Nations.
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